It’s real.

9 Aug

So my life. It’s a wife, a baby, friends, their relationship problems, my relationship problems, my love of wine, late late nights, and a deep rooted feeling that there is so so much more.

It’s 10:17 pm, the second day of my blog. I have an overwhelming urge to eat about six tons of salted caramels. I went to a 1 1/2 our yoga class today. I sweat it out for an hour in kickboxing. I’m good, right, tapas? Heat, hard work, constant and continuous, er, right. But I am feeling so off.

I titled the blog, prana project because I was thinking about the energy and life force that I was committing myself to. The thing is, I forgot about the other stuff that happens while I am sweating in my class, or working on my root lock. I forgot about all of the distractions that require constant and continuous attention, in order to attend to my feelings about them. No epiphanies, just a wrinkled brow.

And, as I write this sentence I think about my teacher, Emily, saying “sit back, take a breath (or three) and decide what you reaction is going to be, study what your habit is, let go of that habit if it doesn’t serve you.” Maybe today it’s my too quick wit, maybe tomorrow, my love of wine. But just like the challenges, it’s constant attention and continuous action.

A little bit of real everyday.


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