Make mine a ham sandwich

14 Aug

Um while on the idea of ahimsa (do no harm) I just had to tour the idea of vegetarianism. I have been a flip flopper for over 20 years. More veggie than not, but honestly it has been relationships that caused the scales to tip in favor of the fleshy variety of sustenance. Recently, I was very non nonchalant about it claiming that I was a vegetarian only because my teacher, Jasmine, requested that we do it during yoga school. But of course after this flip comment, I was given the real deal challenge.

Picture this, Glide Memorial Church (side note, if you do not do service work, do it here, NOW, it will change your life), preparing food for thousands, I am put on meat duty. I joked with my friend Alli about how it was perfect that it was me and not one of our classmates. I was, of course, being a recent meat-eater, of stronger mind and constitution. I made it through the 50 lbs of sausage. Though with each casing pop, I was a little more put off. But then, out cam the ham. I don’t know how much I chopped but I am sure it was over a 100 lbs and it had tendons and muscle fibers and like when I was a teenager refusing to prepare chicken, I could imagine the animal that it came from, but worse, the smell did me in. 100 lbs of ham, processed, oh god, how.

So the visceral nature of the experience of course reinvigorated my commitment to vegetarianism, though not because I love pigs or cows or chickens. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do realize that they have feelings and souls. It’s just that even while being a hippie I am also a bit of a pragmatist, and I do think that there are instances when meat consumption is appropriate. In the US, by me at this point in my life, that is not one of them. HEAR THAT BEFORE YOU COMMENT. It’s actually a little science. I was reading Whole Living Magazine yesterday and they had an article on holistic dentistry. The short of the long is that an acidic body creates an environment for decay. Human bodies are made more acidic by the consumption of dairy products, alcohol, sugar, and you guessed it meat. You are basically asking your body to age more quickly with eat piece of flesh you put in to it. Wait, what?

So by being a vegetarian I can, do less harm to the planet, do less harm to living beings and do less harm to my own body. I am in. What tipped the scales for you? Or are you still thinking about it?


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