You can change anything.

15 Aug

I know IT IS really positive. I am hanging there these days, in positivity. Namely because it get’s things done. And, because it cuts down on headaches and backaches and silly disagreements. Though, let’s be honest, I am lured by sarcasm and irony from time to time, just because of their sheer hilarity.

But, you CAN change ANYTHING! So to drive this home, I’ll explain my little boy. When he is angry about something his breathing changes, it gets shallower, quicker, more ragged. In turn, he gets more and more agitated, more and more upset. On the other hand, if I hug him, belly to back, and breath deeply, evenly, and calmly, he slows down, drops into his own belly, no longer gasps for breath, and in moments, is over the possible tantrum.

I am sure that you have already heard a million times that breath can change anything, and I am reiterating the truth of that statement. Slowing down your breath, making room in your body; slows down the mind, makes room for following the breaths and the thoughts and gives you a chance to consciously make decisions about the how/what/when of anything under the sun.

So you CAN change anything by CHANGING YOUR BREATHING.

As an experiment, try out the pranayama (breath practice) that we did at Laughing Lotus this morning, Sitali:

1. Sit upright with your hands in your lap, eyes closed. If you use mudras choose the one that you are loving right now. Or rest your elbows on your knees and cradle your right upward facing palm in your left upward facing palm.

2. Stick our your tongue and curl it into a little flute (this is genetic, if you can’t do it, make a kissing mouth).

3. Breathe in, over your tongue, through your open mouth.

4. Seal your lips.

5. Exhale through your nose.

6. Repeat 10 to 15 times

You should feel calm, cool, and collected. I can think of so many uses for this. Maybe rush hour? You would probably illicit a laugh or two from other people on the interstate, changing something for them in the process. I use my breath before I make big decisions, or answer a question that really annoys me. I even watch my breath before eating the second (ok, really fourth) cookie. How could you use it?


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