Rock on Hanuman

24 Oct

Image Credit: Sbuone

There’s this cat named Hanuman. He is by far one of my favorite Hindu deities. He is this amazing monkey, full of devotion and strength and power. But he forgets who he is. In a dramatic moment, where Ram must find Sita, and she is over miles of water, everyone convinces Hanuman to jump from the mainland to this island named Lanka. Being so humble Hanuman is dumfounded. Not realizing he is a god and sure that he is jumping to his death, he takes the leap. And makes it, from shore to shore. In that leap Hanuman remembers who he is, the son of gods, full of power, made stronger by devotion.

Hanuman is amazing. This story reminds me that we all forget things that are deep and integral to who we are. Sometimes, it happens because we are distracted, or it might happen because we form relationship patterns with someone that encourages to bury parts of ourselves. But using the leap of faith, we literally can rediscover ourselves. The amazing parts, the dark parts, the shining glittery parts.

Jump. See how far you can go.


One Response to “Rock on Hanuman”

  1. Anna Felkers October 25, 2012 at 1:34 am #

    Thank you so much for this, my friend. I’ve been so filled with self-doubt lately, questioning my path, my capabilities, my essence. The universe sends us messages every day, and this was one that I sorely needed. Love you. Namaste.

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