Easy Like Sunday Morning

28 Oct

Image Credit: Zazzle.com

Flow on Saraswati, you rad chic, you awesome totem for the arts and knowledge for using both logic and creativity.

When I teach class that focuses on the energy of Saraswati it is grounded and ascending, contracted while reaching, and deep while remaining light. What I love about her is that she is the essence of the middle, beautiful and brainy, crabby and cordial. Saraswati represents the ability to use your creativity in a constructive way, because you have taken the time to build a solid foundation.

You are able to flow, change your perspective mid-stream, open up to what the universe has to offer. Jodorowsky says in Psychomagic, “The active imagination is key to expanded vision. It allows us to envision a life according to points of view other than our own, to think and sense things from different perspectives. This is true freedom: to be capable of leaving ourselves, crossing the boundaries of our little world to open the universe.”

Flow on Saraswati, paintbrush pusher, dance dealer, radical revolutionary and transformative teacher.


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