Shaking Up and Shaking Out

14 Apr


As I sit in boardrooms with executives or in front of rooms of twisted up yogis, the questions are all the same. How do we create a world that is more holistic? If you’re interested in a work place approach to these questions, Diversity Collegium published Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks. This is a great tool for companies and organizations looking to examine how they are doing on inclusivity while taking both productivity and dignity into account. These are the things that I think about where ever I am. Lately, I wonder if we are capable of having these conversations without including our spirits.

My work in social justice and yoga have dovetailed even more. I find myself in spaces where we talk about spirt and demonstrate our long held physical tensions as parallels for the tensions in the world. How can one do effective public work if their internal landscape is a mess?

Join me for a short introduction to Seva with a justice lens at Leela Yoga in Alameda, Ca on April 22 from 1-5. We will practice yoga and talk about honesty and nonviolence as a starting place for developing a holistic relationship with the world you live in. Later this summer Laughing Lotus is offering a 15 hour yoga and social justice workshop. Stay tuned for the details. And, in August, I team up with Love Light Yoga, once again for a 30 hour advanced training in Yoga and Liberation. We will work with our indigenous brothers and sisters to examine colonialist legacies of harm and mediate on the dysfunctions we hold in our bodies.

As we continue to examine normalized violence and our collective capacity for self harm and dishonesty the sickness in our world becomes much more sharp.

What happens if we stopped lying and saw the world as a collective representation of history and policy that places profit over human dignity?

What would happen if made choices that supported, embraced, or encouraged growth instead of  minimizing, silencing, and erasing?

How much more responsibility would each of us have to take?

Join us in this inquiry and on the path to a more inclusive future.


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